The Advantages Of Open Office Plans

Employers are required by law to provide their employees with healthy and safe workplaces. For instance, office workers should have comfortable office space. There should be a comfortable office chair and a suitable office desk or table. Over the years, there have been many debates on whether employees work well in private cubicles or open office plans. Cubicles enhance privacy while open office plans allow employees to interact with each other, and this can help to improve the work environment. Open office plans also make it easier for employees to share office printers and other resources conveniently. 

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Benefits of Open Office Plans

i) It's Cost-Effective

In open office plans, long desks that can accommodate many workers are normally used. This means that the same office space can accommodate more workers. If you would like to increase the number of employees who work at the office, consider using an open-office plan. This means that it will allow you to make good use of the available office space. 

ii) Improves Productivity

Open office plans make supervision easier, so employees will spend less time on their phones or chatting with colleagues. There is also the argument that open offices improve productivity, so they are highly recommended for offices meant for junior employees, such as clerical workers. 

iii) Improves Communication

Employees often need to consult their colleagues to seek clarification, and additional information or pass a message along. When working in cubicles, employees usually have to get out of their cubicles and walk to another cube to communicate with another employee. This is inconvenient and can waste a lot of time. If you want to improve the efficiency of communication, consider establishing an open office plan. 

iv) It's Easy To Implement

It is much easier to implement an open office plan compared to creating cubicles for your employees. After all, no walls are needed to implement office plans. Similarly, connecting power, internet connection, and telephone lines to each workstation can be costly. Therefore, if cost is a key factor of consideration, you should consider implementing an open office plan. 

How to Create a Convenient Office Space

As noted earlier, employers are required to provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace. In addition to providing comfortable office chairs and desks, employers should also install anti-glare screens on each computer monitor. This will help to prevent harmful blue light from affecting their employees' eyes. 

Employees should also have easy access to water dispensers where they can have their water bottles refilled. The washrooms should also be cleaned regularly to ensure they are sparkling clean at all times. The office space should also have air conditioning. When the weather is hot, the air conditioner should work efficiently to ensure indoor temperatures are healthy and comfortable. Similarly, during the cold winter months, the heating system should operate efficiently to raise indoor temperatures. 

Employers are advised to always consult their employees on ways to improve working conditions. Any recommendation they get should be discussed and implemented if it is a sound idea.